GIOSTAR, the Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research, is proud to provide you security in selecting your Stem Cell Therapy provider. It is clear that the current regulatory environment in the United States is full of confusion which puts you, the consumer, at risk in many ways.

To accomplish this GIOSTAR is implementing a new 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as follows below.

To protect you from inferior products, price gouging, false hope and DANGEROUS laboratory processes provided by unscrupulous providers operating outside of their field of expertise, GIOSTAR provides you with a safe option and guarantee of your satisfaction.

This is not a commitment to a cure, but rather, a commitment to the journey in your healing process together. It is not predictable whether you will respond positively to your satisfaction after one treatment, two treatments or several treatments. Therefore, any patient that completes the recommended GIOSTAR protocol including a minimum of three treatments with a full twelve months of healing, that is not completely satisfied, after a thorough analysis of the full benefit of the treatment, you have the following options:

GIOSTAR will provide no cost treatment at our most state of the art facility with our lead researchers in Ahmedabad, India. Under the care of this great team, you will be provided treatment at no charge until you are 100% Satisfied with the efforts, quality and quantity of your treatment. If travel and/or finances are too much of a burden to join us in India, then you have the next option below.
Come to our facility in the United States for a 4th treatment at no charge. If this has still not given you the benefit you seek then please enjoy the third level of our guarantee below.
Receive 50% off your 5th, 6th and 7th treatment at our facility in the United States. If this does not resolve the issue then we implore you to please reconsider item number one and join us in India for special attention.

This commitment is important as every patient’s response is unique. There are no methods available, yet, to anticipate the
100% desired outcome of Stem Cell Therapy. If you do not receive the benefit after a standard protocol, then there may be a larger issue at hand and GIOSTAR is here to face the challenge with your help.

Rest assured GIOSTAR is sensitive to the value of your hard earned money, 100% committed to your satisfaction, and most importantly, committed to your health.


GIOSTAR Management Team